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Why Magniflex?

  • Certified toxic free of harmful chemicals

  • No “off-gassing”

  • 100% hypoallergenic

  • Cooler sleep

  • 20 year warranty

  • Dual core technology ( allows sleep partners to share their mattress without compromising anything in terms of comfort.

    Magniflex mattresses with dual core have two separate cores

    with different comfort and support levels that can easily be

    adjusted by unzipping the mattress cover and simply flipping

    either of the two inside cores. It’s just like a custom mattress

    without the wait or expense of a made-to-order bed. The dual core technology offers 3 different combinations: soft/softer,

    firmer/firmer, softer/firmer.

Magniflex History

In the sixties, Giuliano Magni created his first mattresses in a small workshop in Prato, Italy. It was the start of a revolution: the

craft skills of Prato, the world capital of fabrics, were combined with new ideas about sleep and wellbeing.

Since then, Magniflex has provided over 50 million people with peaceful sleep, thanks to models and solutions designed to meet

customers needs for comfort, relaxation and health.

Over the years, Magniflex has become a byword for comfort and wellbeing, presenting products that are the result of a passion

for research and innovation shared by everyone who works for the company.

They have over fifty years of experience, thanks to major investments in research, design and the development of cutting edge

production systems.

Magniflex is synonymous with excellence. The company has always stood out from the rest because its products contain a real

added value for its consumers: quality. Magniflex uses 100% Italian materials, counts on the expertise of specialized technicians

and has over 180 employees who all work closely with each other to share their know-how and passion for success.

Over 50 years of history and over 100 products (a complete range of products including mattresses, bed frames, pillows and

sleep accessories). 10,000 mattresses are produced every day. Over 35 million people worldwide sleep on a Magniflex mattress.

Magniflex exports its products to 98 countries.

Magniflex uses different types of materials that meet different needs but satisfy all types of specific sleep requirements. Every

material is crushproof due to the extremely high quality of raw materials, which retain their characteristics over time.

We offer the following collections of Magniflex mattress:

Toscana, Dolce Vita, Diamante and Magnistretch.

View the line here.

We also offer Magniflex pillows and accessories.

Magniflex and Sustainability

Magniflex has always adopted a responsible approach with the environment. Its entire output has been designed to be

environmentally sustainable and has also reduced CO2 emissions through the use of solar panels. Magniflex has also received

the OEKO-TEX® certification, which guarantees that each component of the end product is free of toxic substances or any

substance that is harmful to humans or the environment.

Vacuum packaging, which was patented by Magniflex in 1986, has revolutionized the world of mattresses. Vacuum packaging

ensures that our mattresses are kept perfectly clean, while the quality remains intact. The volume of each mattress is reduced by

90%. Now, 13 mattresses can be delivered within the space of one cubic meter, as opposed to only 3 mattresses using traditional

packaging methods. This means fewer trucks and lorries on the roads and lower Co2emissions.

View their certifications here.