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Chico Quality Furniture: How To Judge The Quality Of A Sofa

A sofa is more than its physical appearance. And if you are interested in judging the quality of a sofa, you need to go beyond what it looks like – dig deeper! And if you think about, quality goes dipper than looks. That does not necessarily mean that what you see is unimportant. Of course, it is. But then if you see two identical-looking sofas that vary so much in price, you should not get confused. You should know why.

So how do you know a high-quality sofa? If you are asking, here are some very important characteristics to look out for:

The frame of the sofa

Have you taught about how long a sofa will last when you first purchased it? Of course, you have. Nobody will want to spend a dollar on a bad product or furniture – unless s/he has no other option (means they cannot afford a high-quality one). If they can afford it, all they will think of is a high-quality sofa like Chico Furniture (sofa). But just because the price is high does not mean that it is high-quality.

There is low-quality furniture that is very expensive! Why? They want to pass it off as high-quality. And that can be very confusing especially when they look the same with a high-quality (like Chico Furniture).

So what do you do? Look at the frame of it. This is something you should know: quality sofas always have strong and sturdy frame. Why? It is because how long a sofa will last and retain its shape depends largely on its frame structure. Kiln-dried hardwood makes for the best frame in furniture like a sofa. And do you know why kiln-dried hardwood is the best? It is because the kiln drying process removes all the moisture from the wood which will complicate things in the future. If all the moist are out, it will retain its shape and stability over a long period of time and that will give it a more desired end result.

Do you know that soft wood can easily break? And green wood crack or shrink as it dries; that is a very big problem!

A good-quality frame is glued and screwed appropriately like Chico Furniture. Special attention was given to the joints for better frame. Also, additional plywood was added to help reinforce it.

The seating support of the sofa

This is also very important. A good seating support will not sag and will provide good support in the seat. Also it should provide good support in the back as well. Do you know the eight-way tied springs seating support system? If you do, you should know that it is the best. Each spring is tied securely in this system.

And you can add sinuous spring construction and web suspension (which is made either natural or man-made fibers and used with a tension fastener) to the list. Web support is the least preferable seating support in all the options that was mentioned.


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